it’s your Friday good news

It’s your Friday good news!

1.  “I’ve worked in higher education for more than a decade. Although I personally had wonderful support as a person and professional during Covid from my immediate team and leadership (love those STEM Ph.Ds!), higher ed as a whole has been pretty resistant to adapting, and I seriously considered leaving the field for more money. But the easy commute, ample vacation and sick time, rhythm of semesters, and the amazing investment of watching my students grow kept me lingering in my job, though I knew I should look soon. Then a friend sent me a job posting this summer at my university that she said I’d be perfect for, and I got very excited reading the description and applied two days later. I really connected with the group in the first round interview, and then I was delighted to learn I was a finalist. I requested the last available interview slot to leave the last impression, prepared the heck out of it, and felt confident and comfortable during my final interview.

They offered me the job! I read your tips on salary negotiation and looked up my predecessor’s salary (love that public universities have to publish that info every year!), and consulted with a trusted colleague at my university who knows a lot about budgets and hiring here. In my Zoom call with my hoped for new supervisor, I asked if there was any wiggle room on salary, asked for $8k higher than their initial offer, hoping to land at $4k higher. My supervisor looked prepared for the question and said the max she was permitted to offer from the Finance Powers That Be was $4k above their initial offer, exactly what I was hoping for, a 27% increase! I accepted on the spot! I applied for ONE job and got it, something that has NEVER happened to me, and I learned later that I was selected over an internal candidate. So incredibly affirming of my work and career I’ve built up over the past dozen years!

But it gets better! As a state institution, we beholden to the state government for COLAs, and just after I resigned from my Old Job and started New Job, our governor announced a surprise 4.5% COLA increase, which will be applied to my new salary! Before I’d even started, I knew I was getting a raise! I just finished my second week and I love it. My new supervisor is inspiring, my team is amazing, and everyone has been warm and welcoming. Woohoo!

Thank you so much for this wonderful content and community! My sister and I read your site every day and have recommended it to so many friends and colleagues.”

2.  “I’ve been a solopreneur for many years but over the past year I have been taking on interns from the local university to get some more low stakes management experience. Before the internship starts, I have the intern send me a real word job listing that they would be interested in applying for after they graduate. We work together to create projects that will both help my business and give them all the required experience that job asks for. My latest intern recently landed a professional job after graduating. She called to tell me the good news and said that my internship and my management style directly contributed to her getting the job and thriving in the new environment. I’m thrilled!”

3.  “I’ve been reading AAM religiously since around 2013, and I can’t quantify how much it’s helped me in my professional life. I started a job as a Lab Manager in 2014 after a lot of personal and professional upheaval over the previous 10 years. I’ve been in that job for over eight years now and about to receive my fourth promotion. Today I’m a director in a research center and now have my first official direct report. Yesterday we finished up her annual performance review and in the comment section she added a personal note that tells me all of my hard work over the years has been worth it:

‘I appreciate that you’re always accessible, supportive and transparent. Your attentiveness to me learning systems, processes and adapting to my role has been amazing. You’ve help increase my confidence as a team member and my ability to be productive, creative and successful in achieving these performance goals and beyond. Thank You! I will continue to strive to make valuable contributions at [workplace].’

I had to share this personal win with you, because I see it as a win for you and the AAM community you’ve built. Thanks for what you do and how well you do it!”

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    1. Sally*

      As I was reading these, I realized that, in addition to learning from AAM how to do specific things, I’ve also gained confidence that helps me every day. THANK YOU, Alison, for sharing your expertise and wisdom with us! The effect on your readers and the people we, in turn, are able to help, thanks to you, is incalculable.

  1. I'm Just Here For the Cats!*

    I’m so hapy for #1. as someone who works in Higher Ed I completely understand where they are coming from. I wish we would get increases beyond the measly 1-2% (wow you mean i get a whole extra .50 cents!) instead of giving the money to all the presidents, chancellors, provosts etc!

  2. Christie*

    Really appreciated your second story above, about crafting internships to meet the needs of the interns. It would be so great if every student had supports like this – a lovely example of supportive management. :)

  3. Felicity Lemon*

    Love hearing these updates, especially as the parent of a couple of newbies to the work world (one in college, one just graduated). I wish there were more people who were this supportive of students and new/ young workers. It makes such a difference!

  4. len*

    “Before the internship starts, I have the intern send me a real word job listing that they would be interested in applying for after they graduate.” — This is such a good idea! Thanks for sharing, totally planning to adapt this for my own trainees.

  5. Heather*

    I have GOT to shout out to #2, that is so awesome to have a concrete thing for your interns to striving for. That is such a great intern goal and management style. I’m stealing that to use in my own development program work!

  6. BubbleTea*

    I’ve been having a good news Friday of my own! Just lots of little work-related wins that make me feel more confident about my new business. It’s nice to have somewhere to share the joy :)

  7. Buggy*

    Awesome news #3!! I work in a medical laboratory and I can’t wait to move up to management myself. Reading AAM has given me so much insight into what being a good manager and leader requires. And I’ve dealt with enough bad managers to know I never want to be one. I can only imagine how that great that note made you feel! Keep it up!!

  8. The Happy Graduate*

    Congratulations and wonderful job to all the posters!
    But can I just say WOW I adore LW2’s approach? What a fantastic opportunity for the students!

  9. buddleia*

    I love all of these, especially no. 2. LW2 is proactively preparing recent grads for their next job. How amazing (and unfortunately rare) is that?!

  10. Nethwen*

    LW 2: This is an outstanding way to create an internship! I can only imagine how much work you put into creating a new program for every intern. Thank you for that thoughtful care put into another human’s life.

  11. Chilipepper Attitude*

    Thanks to all who write in with their good news. It is an important part of my Friday routine and weekend!
    Congrats to #1 on the new job and kudos to #2 and #3 for your mentoring skills!!

  12. azvlr*

    I have a fantastic manager, and gave similar feedback just the other day. It feels a bit awkward to tell the boss you appreciate them, but it was nice to be able to say it. I’m glad to know it made your day and agree with you that Ask a Manager has a far-reaching impact.

  13. Noblepower*

    I always love these Friday Good News posts, and this one is particularly resonating with me. Congratulations to all of you!

  14. triplehiccup*

    #2 the job listing thing is so clever – I’m going to suggest we do the same with our summer interns!

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