resume offer ends tomorrow

Just a heads-up that my resume review offer will end at midnight EST on Friday (tomorrow). So if you want it, get it now!

Also, I need a synonym for “short” that begins with an F.

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  1. Chris*

    If short means abridged, then fleeting, if it means inadequate then it would be Charlie Sheen’s favorite, failing.

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Fast. Of course. You have solved it! I was afraid I was going to have do Fancy Answer Friday, where all the answers would be in calligraphy or something.

      1. Kimberlee*

        Lol, “fast” is sort of the obvious answer that NOBODY was coming up with. :) Kudos to JamieH!

  2. Erica B*

    First word that popped in my head was “frugal”.. but it sounds like you are only giving half answers or a 30% off answer. lol

  3. Matt*

    I kind of liked “freaky answer friday. You list all the questions first and then all the answers second and we have to figure out which answer goes with which question. One key to it, you cannot use common words from the question. Like if someone asks about benefits, you never use the word benefit.

  4. Anonymous*

    I hope you offer this again in the near future–I’d love for you to review my resume, but I just couldn’t fit it in the budget this week.

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