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what’s the best time to send rejection letters?

A reader writes: Is there a standard for when to send out rejection letters? I deal with a lot of hiring in my job and I usually know as soon as I review a resume or hold an interview whether or I’m going to reject someone, but I have always figured that people don’t want […]

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why is this interview question stumping our candidates?

A reader writes: I’m wondering why a particular interview question that we ask our candidates is so fraught. Something we commonly ask candidates at the very end of our process is quite simple but is for some reason astonishingly difficult and unexpectedly challenging for a lot of candidates. It is just this: “Is there anything […]

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the new hire who showed up is not the same person we interviewed

A reader writes: This is a situation currently unfolding at my husband’s office so I’m a very amused bystander and thought I’d get your opinion on this craziness. My husband works in IT and is on the leadership team at a midsized private company. He was part of a panel that recently interviewed a number […]

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why aren’t the companies “desperate” for workers doing the one thing that would attract them?

If you believe reports from employers, they’re desperate to find good employees but can’t lure them at any price. Dig deeper, though, and it turns out that many companies are still operating on a model of underpaying and overworking at a time when workers have much better options. At Slate today, I wrote about employers that […]

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how do I reject a difficult internal applicant?

A reader writes: I am building up a new team and struggling with how to handle an internal applicant. The job I’m hiring for is fairly customer-facing and requires mostly independent work. One internal applicant who’s currently on another team, Marion, is a train wreck. She is barely competent in the fundamentals of our work. […]

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is there any point in “courtesy interviews”?

A reader writes: What is your opinion on “courtesy interviews”? Specifically, interviews for the sake of appeasing other stakeholders when you have no interest in the candidate? Several of my more senior colleagues have been emailing me about applicants they are referring and encouraging me to interview them. After looking at their applications (and comparing […]

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