things that aren’t good ideas

Just FYI, I get a lot of email at Ask a Manager. I have an auto-reply set up that explains that the volume of mail means that I can’t answer everything. And if I ask you why you’ve sent me the same exact email three times in the past few weeks, this is not a good answer:

A lot of people think it is a complicated situation and can’t give a straight suggestion. Therefore I sent you an email every week to be able to receive an answer.

That’s all.

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  1. Becky*

    Me too. Also, I cannot believe that people do that kind of thing. Those are the same people who call to follow up on a job application every couple days, without regard for what the job ad said or what you have told them already.

  2. DJO*

    These people are known as They Who Don’t Have Good Judgement. AAM’s advice would be wasted on them anyway.

  3. Rachel - Former HR Blogger*

    I guess it’s a compliment because she/he assumes you can give a good answer? Although that does not address why she/he felt they could be annoying about it.

  4. Josh S*

    Some people just have no sense of social propriety. I’ll give the guy/gal the benefit of the doubt and suggest they have aspergers or some other Autism spectrum disorder that prevents them from understanding proper etiquette.

    Otherwise it’s just rude.

  5. Phyr*

    While I would normally want to know what they are asking, I have a feeling their actions sum it up pretty well. :3

  6. Richard*

    I’m kind of hoping that their question was ‘How soon should I email for a follow up after not getting a reply from a job interview?’

  7. Nate*

    You *know* the email that person sent those three times is something that has been answered here at least six times.

  8. Emily*

    This reminds me of a series of phone calls I’ve been getting lately. Someone calls my office at just about precisely 5:25pm a couple of times a week, leaves a name and number (not even a “please call me back,” let alone any details about the purpose of their call, just, “This is _____. My number is ###.”) They are never available when I phone the next day, morning or afternoon. I’m glad you asked why your person WHY they kept sending the same e-mail. Next time I return the call, I’m going to drop similar hammer in the voicemail. I’m all for courtesy, but I can’t help you if you won’t give me any info or even a valid way to reach you!

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