no one is asking for your Facebook password

As I’ve written here before, despite what you may have read in the media recently, most employers aren’t asking job candidates to hand over their Facebook passwords. It’s not a trend, it’s extremely rare, and the article that started the whole thing cited a single case at an unnamed company, with the rest of its evidence coming from hiring practices at law enforcement and government agencies, which have always conducted more thorough background checks than other employers. (And those examples weren’t even recent; one of the two agencies cited had already changed its policy last year after people complained.)

But there is plenty you should be outraged about in hiring practices. Over at U.S. News & World Report today, I take on the Facebook-passwords story and suggest some better targets for your outrage. You can read it here.

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  1. Nyxalinth

    I admit to getting a Facebook set up after reading someplace that employers were expecting people to have it and not believing people if they said they didn’t have one. I rarely do anything with it though, and it was the same sort of flap then as this is: a little article somewhere that made a deal out of nothing.

  2. Alex

    Indeed, most Federal agencies which require deep background checks don’t even require Facebook passwords. They can get a better picture using other means.

  3. Anonymous

    My mother (manager at a well-known retail chain) was asked for her email passwords to “make sure she wasn’t bad-mouthing the company to her friends” with the strong implication that she would be fired for refusing. Not sure if this is corporate policy or one extremely asinine manager, but it happens.

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