a coming flood

I have a TON of questions sitting in my in-box that I really want to answer, and my backlog just keeps growing and growing. So prepare yourself for a possible coming flood of posts; I’m going to try to get through more of these than usual this week.

And maybe instead of sending me such interesting questions, you should send me ones that I can ignore without guilt or regret!

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    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Agggh, I’m so conflicted! Lots of these are so worthy of longer answers, but I also don’t want them to get buried in a flood of other posts or we’ll miss good discussion on them.

  1. jmkenrick*

    In an effort to help you, I’ll start sending lots of questions, written in poor grammar, on topics you’ve covered extensively before, making it clear that I have not even glanced at your archives.

    If you do trouble to answer, I’ll make sure to not post in the comments, provide an update, or send a thank you e-mail.

    You won’t feel guilty at all!

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